Showcase Your Product in our Film

Everyone is very familiar with TV and video commercials that advertise a product or service. Most viewers tolerate having to watch them as a necessary evil. Other times viewers feel as if they are a hostage and find themselves disliking the product simply because they have been forced to watch the commercial. A lesser understood alternative to this hostage advertising is product placement in films. Product placement for advertising purposes is extensively used in Hollywood films. When products are artfully placed in a film the promoter gets the desired exposure and viewers rarely realize that any product has been promoted. Sometimes, if the product has never been seen before, the novelty enhances the story. The first step in any sale is to make your customer aware of your product. The quintessential example of a product placement in a film is the Aston martin sports car in the James Bond film series. You not only get a look at the car but you also get a riveting impression of its performance and hear the sexy moan of the engine. The message, of course, is that men who are sexy, virile and adventurous drive an Aston Martin. Do you want to become sexy, virile and adventurous? You know what to do... On a more modest scale our film, The Fourth Letter of Ponce de Leon, may offer you the opportunity to have your product showcased to a nationwide audience that you would otherwise never reach. We re especially interested in working with designers who are just starting out and trying to establish a new line or product. Currently we are searching for:

  • a stylish brand of sunglasses for men and women
  • a women's sportswear line (tropical)
  • a women's line of formal wear
  • men and women's footwear line
  • a brand of absinthe
  • a brand of rum
  • a brand of locally made artisan beer
  • a high performance sports car brand
  • brand of wind-surfing gear
  • brand of kite-surfing gear
  • a jet-ski sponsor
  • bottled water sponsor
  •  gourmet cupcake sponsor
  • brand of sports watch
  • brand of gold jewelry
  • a brand of cell phone/tablet

If you would like to have your product included but don't see it mentioned contact us. It may be possible for us to artfully weave your product into the script.  Take a look at the video above to see an example of a product placement. We can show your product, mention your product or use your product in a scene. This is a very economical way for you to get exposure for your product and have it seen by people who would otherwise never know it existed. The name of your product will also appear in the closing credits. Fees vary based on each circumstance and the appeal of your product and we may put together a barter arrangement. Fill out the attached form and our Media Director will contact you to talk about your product. Be sure to send us a picture of your product.

The  4th Letter of

Ponce de Leon

a new feature film    coming Fall 2020