Meet the people behind the production

Cameras and Crew

Erik Krefeld will be handling cameras and crew for the project. Erik and his crew have worked on many local productions and has been involved with The 4th Letter since its inception.  Erik is based in Naples, FL.

Historical Consultant

John Paeno; Over the years John has become quite knowledgeable about the Indigenous  people who occupied Florida in the 1500's. They were know as the Calusa. It's this considerable knowledge that has helped us accurately depict these people and their interactions with the Spanish explorers who arrived here in the 1500's.

Photo Courtesy of Earle Kimel

Photographer/Film Poster

Angel Navarro is the still photographer for our project. Angel will be shooting behind the scenes shots and overseeing the creation of the movie poster.

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Music Composer

Erick Schroder  is a film, theater, and video game composer originally from San Diego, California.  His compositions have included works for vocal and instrumental soloists, choral groups, stage musicals, jazz, and orchestral ensembles. Throughout the years, he served as the musical director for numerous stage productions.  After several years in the musical theater industry, his musical interests expanded to include the world of composition and film scoring.

Erick attended Point Loma Nazarene University where he received his degree (B.M.) in Music Composition.  He later went on to attend the prestigious Scoring for Motion Picture and Television Program at the University of Southern California


With Hollywood good looks, captivating eyes and a surfeit of acting talent  Austin Graham was destined to be in the movies. When she discovered that we were making a film about her famous ancestor, Juan Ponce de Leon, she wasn't going to let us make it without her. The famous explorer is her 14th Great Great Grandfather.

Indian Consultant

Charlie Masi ​will be assisting us in accurately depicting the Indigenous Calusa Indians that once inhabited the Florida Peninsula. Charlie has been researching the Calusa for several years and is one of the few people who are familiar with the Calusa civilization.

The  4th Letter of

Ponce de Leon

a new feature film    coming Fall 2020


Actor Miles Christian-Hart will be playing the lead role of the 16th century explorer Juan Ponce de Leon.

Production Advisor

Tom Fortin is working on the film as the Production and Location Advisor. Tom is a veteran of Hollywood and has worked on an assortment of feature films and documentaries. Some of the projects with which he's been associated are The Last of The Mohicans and The Patriot with Mel Gibson.


Richard Watts is the writer of the story and the screenplay. He's been writing scripts, directing commercials and corporate videos for over 10 years. In The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon he's created an original story with a fascinating storyline that many people think will make an engaging and entertaining feature film. He's been developing the project for the past 2 1/2 years and will be the director.

Historical Consultant

Jose Gueits is an historical re-enactor who specializes in the Spanish Colonial period of La Florida and Puerto Rico. Over the years Jose has researched a number of related topics, organized various events and become knowledgeable about the role that Spain, or more accurately the kingdoms of Castile and Leon, played in the settling of the New World. Jose has a particular interest in Juan Ponce de Leon; Even though our film is a fictional work Jose helps us recreate historical scenes with accuracy.