The  4th Letter of

Ponce de Leon

a new feature film    coming Fall 2017

Here's an original song from the Honeycreepers.

The Honeycreepers Band

The Honeycreepers Band has an original Southwest Florida sound that performs nationally with up to 6 musicians. The band has agreed to appear in the film and to write a romantic song for the soundtrack.

John R Butler is an experienced musician and songwriter who has performed his music in Nashville and has his songs included in Independent films.

Prana a/k/a Dominique Krefeld is a versatile vocalist with a rich R&B style. She's an energetic cross between Chaka Khan and Etta James but can morph into rock and roll within a matter of seconds. She's also done musical theater just to keep things interesting.

Randy Hilderman has toured with many famous acts across the US and Europe. He's a studio musician who also writes and sings.

Music In The Film